Remembering Fatmawati: A Progressive Muslim Woman

Remembering Fatmawati: A Progressive Muslim Woman

Doc Aisyiyah

JAKARTA, Suara Muhammadiyah – Chairperson of ‘Aisyiyah Central Board, Siti Noordjannah Djohantini attended and gave a speech at the commemoration of the 96th Anniversary of the First Lady of Indonesia, Fatmawati Soekarno, at the Tribrata Grand Ballroom, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/5).

At the event organized by the Fatmawati Foundation, Noordjannah said that Fatmawati’s figure showed the character of a progressive muslim woman in serving her nation. “That we can see women and men as equal in developing the nation and the state. One example is the figure of Fatmawati,” Noordjannah said.

Noordjannah also conveyed to commemorate and continue the story of Fatmawati’s struggle, at this event ‘Aisyiyah Central Board presented a book entitled Progressive Muslim Women (A Piece of Fatmawati and ‘Aisyiyah – Muhammadiyah History).

‘Aisyiyah Central Board gives its highest respect and appreciation to Fatmawati, the First Lady of the Republic of Indonesia who has contributed to Muslims and to all groups with different religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Noordjannah said, “Fatmawati is the First Lady and Nation Mother who was born from the Muhammadiyah — ‘Aisyiyah family and has a progressive color of Islam and Indonesianness.”

Fatmawati, who was born in Bengkulu on February 5th 1923 and died on May 14th 1980 is also known as an activist of ‘Aisyiyah and Nasyiatul ‘Aisyiyah. Even her love for this progressive muslim women organization was shown when she was sewing two fine cotton fabrics which later became the flag of Pusaka Indonesia which was raised during the Indonesian Independence Proclamation on August 17th 1945. At that time Fatmawati sewed while singing a recitation of Nasyiah.

Also attended the commemoration of the 96th Anniversary of Fatmawati the Chairwomen of ‘Aisyiyah Central Board, the 5th President of Republic of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri, Lady of Vice President Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, as well as the leaders/ heads of ministries/state institutions. (Suri/Th)